jeudi 20 septembre 2007

Summary One Tree Hill

In this show, Brooke was in conflict with Peyton ans Lucas because Lucas cheated on her when he kissed Peyton. Lucas tried to tell Brooke that she was just a friend of his but she did not want to hear anything. We also learned that Brooke and Karen were pregnant. On her side, Peyton was very happy because she met her half-brother. She did not know about his existence. During this time, Deborah, the wife of Dan, became crazy. She had a gun while she was working. Dan, became crazy because he killed his brother Keith and he can not stop seeing his ghost. Finally, Rache kissed Nathan in front of Hayley during his basketball game.

jeudi 30 août 2007


I decided to choose this TV program because it features teenagers, and their stories are often close to mine. This program is very interresting because it helps me in my life. I can learn about some students in another city called One Tree Hill. There are a lot of characters. First of all, there are two half-brothers, Nathan and Lucas, who have the same father but not the same mother. Their father is a bad guy, and the only important thing to him is the success of Nathan in basketball. Lucas has a wonderful mother, Karen, who takes care of him. Lucas has a best friend called Hayley who is also the wife of Nathan. Hayley has two friends called Peyton and Brooke. These three girls are cheerleaders. These are the main characters of this TV program. Many conflicts occurs in this story because there are a lot of links between the main characters. The biggest problem in that show is certainly Dan, the father of Lucas and Nathan. He is always doing things against the others. Secondly, Brooke and Peyton often love the same guy at the same moment so they are always in conflict. In each episode, there is a new conflict and this is what I like the most in this TV program.